Brow Lifts at South Coast Plastic Surgery

Does your sagging eyebrow skin make you looked tired and fatigued? Have you been told you look angry? Then you might be a good candidate for a Brow Lift at South Coast Plastic Surgery in Ladera, CA!

What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that helps alleviate sagging skin around the brow line and directly above the eyes. The brow lift is an excellent choice for patients who feel as though their sagging brow skin makes them look more tired or fatigued, even if they’ve been getting their eight hours. Sometimes people are tired of being told they look angry even when they’re not. A brow lift can help smooth away forehead wrinkles and lines, as well as remove excess skin and fat pads that are holding you back from feeling as confident as you deserve.

It can often be combined with nonsurgical treatments like Botox or Jeuveau or energy based treatments like Halo and BBL to improve the overall appearance of the forehead.

How Does It Work?

The brow lift can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s comfort levels. There are a few different types of browlifts. Browlifts can be done with a scar hidden in the hairline (temporal brow or endoscopic brow lift) or just above the eyebrow (direct brow).

Small incisions are placed to hide the appearance of post-surgical scarring. Once these incisions are made, your plastic surgeon will use the incision openings to access and reposition the sagging eyebrow. Sometimes filler or fat grafting can also be done to support the brow. Excess skin will be trimmed away before the incisions are closed up.

Am I a Good Candidate For a Brow Lift?

You’re a good candidate for a brow lift if you have sagging skin, drooping muscles, and an excess of wrinkles around your lower forehead and eyebrow regions. Candidates for a brow lift may feel as though their sagging skin makes them appear older and more tired than they actually feel. All candidates need to be healthy nonsmoking individuals who have realistic expectations for this procedure.

Consultations Are Available Now

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What Results Will I See?*

Most patients can see their initial results right away, especially if they’ve had excess skin and fat removed. Final results include smoother and more contoured skin, with a lower forehead region that looks as young as you feel!

Your surgeon may recommend Botox or Jeuveau as a part of your browlift to act a “chemical splint” which will reduce the scarring and improve the overall appearance of your forehead.

What is the Recovery Like?*

The brunt of recovery is typically done during the first week after the surgery when patients will experience some swelling and bruising. Most patients can go back to a desk job within a few days of surgery.

Most patients are able to resume their normal exercise routines within 2-4 weeks of the procedure.

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*Individual Results May Vary