Interested in experiencing the anti-aging powers of Botox for yourself, but not sure how much you’ll need to spend?

Take a look at our guide to Botox costs, including what factors may influence the final price of your Botox injection.

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Your Guide to Understanding How Much Botox Costs

1. Botox pricing is based on units

Botox is priced by unit, not by injection. That means, depending on the number of units you’ll need to achieve your results, your Botox price may be different from another patient.

According to, the average cost of a unit of Botox is $20. That means you just need to use this average price and multiply it by however many Botox units you need to get your ballpark price.

2. The number of units you’ll need may vary.

Botox units vary depending on the patient and their desired results. For example, if you have moderate forehead lines and wrinkles, you’ll probably need more units than someone who is using Botox as a preventative measure for mild forehead lines.

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3. Your plastic surgeon’s experience can influence the price.

Your plastic surgeon will play a role in setting the overall price of Botox injections. As a rule of thumb, the more experienced and esteemed the person injecting your Botox, the more you might have to pay for their expertise.

Trust us, this is a good thing. A plastic surgeon has an in-depth understanding of your facial structure and how Botox may affect your appearance. This knowledge can help guarantee more natural results than, say, a spa technician who may not have an in-depth knowledge of facial muscle structure.

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